The 150th Anniversary of the Aurora Fire Department, Aurora Illinois

Roster of Aurora's Paid firefighters

To help celebrate the fire departments 150th anniversary, a commemorative badge has been designed and issued to all current firefighters. The badge is a replica of the one worn by Aurora firefighters during the first half of the 20th century, and bear a number signifing each paid members seniority. In 1875 Adam Schoeberlein joined the Aurora Fire Department. By the turn of the 20th century he became one of the first of Aurora's paid firefighters giving him the honor of having badge number one. Since then, a total of 548 paid firefighters have protected and served the citizens of Aurora.

Compiling this was a tremendous undertaking. Previous sonority lists, newspaper articles and fire department annual reports were used, yet often these sources contained conflicting information. We apologies for any inaccuracies and will strive to correct them in future versions of this historical record.

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