the Aurora Regional Fire Museum's 2007 Holiday Exhibit

Protecting the North Pole

Christmas-village fire stations, and firefighting decorations
from the collection of John and Barbara Nolan

Come visit Aurora's North Pole -- the north-side fire pole of the old Central Fire Station -- and celebrate Christmas in true firehouse style.

Come visit the "North Pole" at the Aurora Regional Fire Museum, and see an impressive exhibit of firefighting related Christmas decorations. The temporary exhibit, "Protecting the North Pole," includes over thirty Christmas-village fire stations from the collection of John and Barbara Nolan. Visitors can see detailed ceramic replicas of fanciful Victorian fire stations with snow-covered turrets and spires, while other stations have a more traditional feel. Most firehouses are adorned with holiday wreaths, lights, and bows. In a few firefighters can even be found adding decorations themselves. In one case, a replica of the fire station found on Main Street at Disneyland sits beside another from Loony-tune's "Toontown." Another case displays a group of buildings representing a fictional firefighter village, complete with with the "Hook-n-Ladder hardware store," a Church dedicated to St. Florian (the patron saint of firefighters), and a movie theater that is perpetually showing the movie "Backdraft." There is even a replica of the fire station that can be found protecting Santa's secret village at the North Pole.

John Nolan, a firefighter and paramedic with the Aurora Fire Department, and his wife have been collecting and decorating with firefighter related decorations for over twenty years. Only a small portion of their collection, of more than 400 fire related ornaments, Christmas-village fire stations, and other fire related decorations are on exhibit.

The temporary exhibit Protecting the North Pole was located in the
North-side Bunkroom of the Aurora Regional Fire Museum,
and ran through January 2007.

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